Virginia Gentlemen Rugby

Wil "Barfight" Souder,Charles Grant,Wayne Thacker,Wil Thornton,Shaggy,Rob Seiller,Tim Dakanavich,son of Wil,Rudy Miller,Phil Bassett,Greise,Craig NIcholson,Billy Tilson,Phil Moorehouse,Boomer Willis

Superb performance today,our back line was wicked fast and had epic desire to score tries. Rob ,Craig,Billy,Shaggy to name a few were fabulous. Although we only had 15 players,we played three periods with no subs. Age spread on the team today was 14 years to 67 years Thank you Gents for your love and respect for the game..

Bill Tilson about to pass

Sad to see Billy last run with the Gents as he takes on new and lucrative job in Seatle. Good luck Billy,you will be remembered and missed.

Next match is May 5th v The Poltroons at 7Pines.

Do we want beer at our socials after the match?

Of course, We do.

How do we make this happen?

We pay our dues. So we can have ice cold beer waiting for us as the match concludes.

Who do we pay? Reyn Kinzey,payable "Va. Gents Rugby", 1610 Pope Avenue,Richmond,Virginia

Wil Thornton with Son

visable players Wil Souder at loose side,Wayne Thacker at tight side,Tim at tight head,Griese at Hook,Charlie Grant at loosehead

Wil's son in support