Minutes: February 7, 2011

Present: Charlie, Dan, Stuart, Frank, Reyn.

Upcoming schedule: Booger is working on preparing a schedule. We will play in the Friends and Family event on May 7. Boog will make contact with the Wild Geese and the Poltroons to see if we can arrange a match with one of them for Sunday, April 3 or April 10. We owe both of them an away match. If we can’t get a match with one of them, we will contact Western Suburbs. Cary may have addresses and contacts if Boog needs them.

Dues: Charlie will send out a blast email asking people who are interested in being either players or social members to send dues to The Virginia Gentlemen, P.O. Box 11571, Richmond, VA 23230. Dues are $50 per calendar year. Checks can be made out to the Virginia Gentlemen. People should send their names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and rugby positions along with their checks. Reyn will use this information to begin to develop an up-to-date mailing list. CIPP: Reyn will look into current USA Rugby policies regarding Old Boys and CIPP.

Fall matches: Stuart is talking to the Celtic Festival. They want us to participate the weekend of October 29. We could have either a Saturday night match under the lights or a Sunday afternoon match. Saturday night would be preferable, because it would give us more exposure. Stuart will see if the Geese, the Poltroons, or maybe Suburbs would like to come down for the event. If we cannot schedule anyone else, we could play a Lions side.

Jerseys: We decide to make do with what we have for the spring, so that we could build up a little better cash flow before we buy new jerseys. Reyn will look for some modest sponsorships. Tony has volunteered to coordinate the actual order for us.

Next meeting: Our next meeting will be Monday, March 14, 6:30 PM at O’toole’s.

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