If you are 34+ and want to play rugby as a part of the legendary Virginia Gentlemen Rugby Football Club and if you were not at the recent organizational meeting at O'Toole's in January--simply reply to this hyperlink and I'll add you to the Gents list. We have 2 fixtures in the works now for this spring--one away and one at home.


If I play with the Gents, does that mean I can't play with the young'uns on the Lions?
A: No, we don't care if you want to slum with the Lions

If I hate training sessions and consider putting on my boots a cardio activity, will I be okay playing with the Gents?
A: Yes. In fact, the Gents consider boot to body adhesion to be a part of a balanced cardio regime.

Do I have to pay any sort of dues to play with the Gents?
Yes, we charge a hefty $25 per season or $50 per year. All proceeds go to jerseys and socials and to line the pockets of your elected officials.

Where do I mail this confiscatory tax?
To Gents Treasurer Reyn Kinzey c/o Virginia Gentlemen, 1610 Pope Ave, Richmond, VA 23227 (yes Reyn is Catholic and no I'm not making up the Pope Ave part).

Is it mandatory that I mail this tariff into Reyn at the earliest possible opportunity?
Yes. We'd like to place an order for jerseys very shortly so we'll have them soon.

Is it okay if I bring my former model wife and/or girlfriend to the fixtures?
Yes. We are, after all, the "Gents" and we'll make her feel right at home!

Charlie Grant, Prop, Propaganda Minister &
Virginia Gentlemen Rugby Chairman
Richmond Lions Rugby Club
804-338-4556 (cell)