Standing:L to R Cary Kennedy,John Lawrence,Noel Losen,Jerry Gilfoyle,James Painter,Ted Dinch,Kevin Shwedo,Bill Dickie,John Carr, John Via,Vince Schoenig,Mike Herron,George Durocher,Greg Robinette,Bev Nash,Mike Old,Will Thornton,JK,Tom Sarisky,Steve "The Defender" Burgess
Knelling:Tracy Burge,Denny Stoneman,Mike Puopolo,Lance Vandecastle,Brad Mills,Johnny Ace,Denny,Allessandro "Booty" Valmarana,Colin Crawfford,Marc Butler,Steve Meyers (ref in white)
sitting:Todd Edwards,John Archer,Dayle Runner,George,Dave Eisenberg,Conny Roussos,Matt "Tatonka" Szbotak,Charlie Grant,Roy Manual,Terry Lee,Otis Oxenham,Dave Chapman (ref in white)
Not in picture: Terry Whelan

The Virginia Gentlemen galloped into Charlotteville to take on the legendary touring side, Virginia Cardinals, at the venerable Commonwealth Cup,the oldest rugby tournament on the east coast of the USA.

The match was a spirited affair with the Gents showing the early pace and speed. Alas, the Cardinals managed to control territory and possession under rather warm playing conditions. We must acknowledge respect for the way the Cardinals placed a strangle hold on possession as they neared the 22. Age,treachery,and a more robust group of subs moved the Cardinals ahead on the scoreline. No matter, the competition was intense by OB standard. Johnny Ace at scrumhalf set the pace and scored two tries on individual guts and will. Dayle Runner was a terror on his monster runs leaving bodies all over the pitch. John Lawrence slashing runs up the middle were spectacular. Vinnie was a titan in the lineouts and the runs. Bev Nash looked good moving the ball up the field. New Va.Gent,Kevin Shwedo, made some outstanding textbook tackles,welcome aboard Kevin,you are a Va.Gent for life.

John Lawrence,Jerry Gilyfole,Cary Kennedy,Marc Butler

Article by Daily Progress Chalottesville

Mike Puopolo,Captain for the Cards, had some fine runs up the field and touched down a couple of times. James Painter continues to play like a youngster with the range and hits. Greg Robinette--well all I can say is ya better tackle him low or you will be squashed. Mike Herron was rewarded for his fine support with a try and made some great hits on Dayle Runner. Will Thornton is always dangerous with the ball. JK looked speedy and has a knack for getting down the field on the breaks. Mike Old dominates and owns the lineout.

Brad Mills,Mike Puopolo,Lance Vandecastle

A few notices:

Good luck to the Cardinal 45s who are defending their title at the prestigious Can/Am Saranac Rugby Tournament in Aug

We still have a few slots on our 50 roster to Aspen in Sept. Reply with interest.

Virginia RFC still has slots on their open roster for Saranac. Reply

Colin,JK,John and Mike accepts Trophy from Shawn

Noel and Kevin

Denny crashes up the field,John Lawrence kicks with John Car to block,Greg Robinette attacks,Roy Manual with ball,Vinnie Schoenig defends v Jerry Gilfoyle

This row of pictures is courtesy of Daily Progress,Rachel Zahumensky

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