Terry "TBird" Byrd
Virginia Rugby Union
Hall of Fame Member

Terry Byrd,VRU Hall of Fame member,off loads ball. In background, left to right are Norfolk players,Curtis Hall,Bobby McCaughey,Danny Lonergan,obscured making tackle,Phil Mosser,Alan Larivee,Coach George Boothby gestering in background.

Terry Byrd enjoyed his first exposure to rugby as an 18 year old when he was recruited on the sideline to play for The University of Richmond B side v James River RFC in 1973. Terry was quickly recognized as a special player and was recruited by James River RFC to join the club. Terry's accomplishments and offensive feats while playing with James River are the stuff of legend. If there was a way to score,Terry would figure it out and produce. His favorite coach during his time with James River was John Mellish and his favorite players were hooker Bubba Floyd,Dave Howard, and his brothers Vernon and Kenny. Terry was an automatic selecton to the VRU for select side matches. Terry toured with Richmond RFC to England in 1975 and was invited to join The legendary Harlinquins RFC. Other obligations kept Terry from accepting this extraordinary invite for an American player. Terry was a guest player with the very special 7 a side that captured Cape Fear 7s in 1977. Some of the great players on that side were Phil Mosser,Otis Purvis,Bubba Cochran,and Dale Carlson. Some consider that side the strongest side to ever compete at Cape Fear in the 70s and 80s. Terry toured with UVa to Mexico 7s and Bahama 7s during UVa,s fine run as an elite 7 a side. Neal Brendel was his teammate in the Bahamas. Terry Byrd toured with VRU Selects to England in 1981. Some of Terry's favorite players from his select side days were Otis Purvis and Lance Vandecastle.

Terry Byrd v Albany Knicks RFC late 70s,Terry Byrd off loads to Jim Nekder,other James River player left to right David Coaker,Rob Seltzer,Mike Toney

Terry Byrd in lineout v University of Virginia,Lance Vandecastle in line,circa mid 70s

Terry Byrd and Coach Basil Nisbet on Tour England 1975
Cary – As discussed earlier this year, I nominate Terry Byrd to receive the honor of membership into VRU Hall of Fame. As you know, Terry has been an active player and supporter of Virginia rugby for essentially his entire adult life. He continues to promote rugby at every opportunity and mentors young players routinely. He leads rugby related fund raisers for Don Bridges as well participates in fund raisers and rugby social events routinely. He is an avid fan of local, state, national, and international rugby. I can think of no one more deserving of this honor than Terry.

Pat Grover

Terry Byrd scores in Cape Fear 1977 finals as a guest player with old Norfok City Rugby Football Club, Norfolk was crowned Champion,considered the best 7 a side by many to ever compete at Cape Fear in 70s and 80s,including players Otis Purvis,Bubba Cochran,Dale Carlson,and Phil Mosser. Tackle on Byrd is performed by Clarence Culpepper,US Eagle Captain and Member of Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame

Represented VRU on 42 occasions
Played 1st side for JRRFC for 30 seasons – Captain 5 years
Coached James River for 6 seasons
President of JRRFC for 2 years
Match Secretary for JRRFC  for 8 years
On VRU disciplinary committee for 2 years
Coached JRRFC Woman for 1+ seasons
Toured w/VRU to England (1981) & Saranac Lake (1980)
On committee that started Ed Lee Cup 
Chairman of Ed Lee Cup for 6 years
Toured with UVA to Mexico (1978)  & Bahamas (1979)
Toured with Richmond RFC to England (12/1975-1/76)
Toured Australia & New Zealand (1987) with Raliegh RFC
Liaisons for England before USA match in Hartford (1986?)
Represented Piedmont Select Side against Staines RFC
Captained Virginia/North Carolina select side  against Cambridge University
 MVP Mexico City 7’s
 MVP Fort Lauderdale Easter Tournament
 MVP Ed Lee Cup 
 MVP St Paddy’s Day Tournament - Washington, DC
Been on board for James River Old Boys since inception in 1987& been Director of Golf Tournament every year, raising over $100,000 for Bubba Floyd’s boys & Don Bridges
Still involved in rugby with JRRFC & has attended all 10 IRB 7’s in USA & over 10 USA 15 matches
Served on Richmond Rugby Foundation Committee for 1 year
VRU at large member for 1 year

Terry Byrd v Albany Knicks RFC late 70s

Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame Terry Byrd