Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Bowden, is remembered and honored as co-founder of Roanoke Rugby Football Club in 1971. Jim played his collegiate rugby at the University of Virginia from 1968 to 1971. Jim served as President of Roanoke RFC from 1972-1974 and as Captain from 1975 to 1976,served again as President of Roanoke RFC from 1977 to 1978. Jim was selected to the Virginia Rugby Union side in 1975,1977,and 1978. Jim was,also, an alternate to the Eastern Rugby Union Selects. He served as tour manager for Roanoke's epic tour to Wales in 1979 (party of 45). Jim Bowden continued to run with the A side until 1984 followed by assorted olboy/master rugby fixtures in the 80s,90s,00s. Jim's rugby career spans 5 decades of commitment and love for the game.

Jim passed away July 27,2015. Obituary

Jim Bowden and Clarence Culpepper circa 1979,Tour to England/Wales

Roanoke Rugby Football Club,Jim Bowden is third row,third from left

Roanoke RFC,circa late 1970s,at Highland Park


Jim Bowden - Co-founder Roanoke Rugby Football Club , 1971 Rugby experience : Played for UVA - 1968 -1970 ( learned 'Lady of the Manor ' - best rugby tune ever ) 1971 - founder , Roanoke RFC , 1972 - 1974 - president , Roanoke RFC 1975-1976 - captain Roanoke RFC 1977- 1978 - president Roanoke RFC 1975 ,1977 , 1978 - Virginia Rugby Union Select Side 1978 - Eastern Rugby Union select side alternate 1979 - Tour manager of Roanoke trip to Wales ( party of 45 ) A-side participation up until !984 Assorted Old Boys matches - 1980s ,1990s and 2002 5 decades of rugby! The early days of Roanoke Rugby Football Club by Jim Bowden