Virginia Cardinals Rugby

Steve Yeager prepares to tackle
in National Div II final spring 2005
Courtesy Rugby Magazine
Greetings Cardinals! ,

Keep your boots and jersies in a safe place! We are traveling to Aspen Sept 15-18,2005. We are entering a 35,45,and 50 side. Our club will be at full company strength; get ready for the best extended rugby weekend in the Nation. The 45's and 50's play on Thursday and Sunday. The 35s play on Friday and Sunday.

We will all look back on the Cardinals during this period 2002-2005 as classic fine rugby. You do not want to miss this tour. Good rugby is rare and fleeting.

Altitude is nearly 8k, absolutely beautiful venue, our rosters require lots of talent,fitness,depth, and numbers. Start making all the plans in regard to family and job that will make it possible for you to participate.



45er Mike Herron clears ball to Jeff Bush in Saranac,former Eagle prop Terry Whelan behind Herron

45er Mike Puopolo has just off loaded to Hennie with the ball

The 45s and 50s expect to convene at Rio Grand Park Sept 14th wednesday evening 4:30pm for training in Aspen. 35's ,same thing!, on Sept 15th thurday evening.

All our players please confirm accuracy on their tour/kit money on deposit HERE.

You must have copy of picture ID with DOB on file with Cary,Driver lic.will do. Give to me in Aspen. You must perform this chore in case Tourny Dir. challanges your age--it could affect your playtime if you do not perform this pesky task!

You must print this WAIVER,sign,and return to Cary in order to play,thanks!

high alt.image of Aspen--Wagner Park in lower left corner,Rio Grand Park directly north down the hill--333East Durant Ave=Mt.Chalet Hotel.

Match Schedule--subject to change:

Thursday Sept 15th

45s 9am Rio Grand Park
45s 11am Wagner Park
50s 11:55 Wagner Park
50s 2:50 Wagner Park

45s will play a third match on thursday
if the first two matches are captured

Friday Sept 16th

35s 10am Rio Grand Park
35s 4pm Wagner Park
Consolation and Final on sunday

Questions? Contact:

Mike Puopolo 45's
Bill Gardner 35's
Cary Kennedy 35's and 50's

ABOUT the 35s

The red ball by your name means you have categorically stated your committement to the Virginia Cardinals during our exteneded weekend,have tendered your tour deposit $20, or have slipped the check in the mail.. You must have the red ball by your name to guarantee and preserve your slot on the roster.

How do I pay my pesky tour deposit? How do I get proper kit? Click here.

We will travel to Aspen with a trim and balanced roster in the high twenties/low thirties in fairness to all concerned. We want our tourists to get their play time. The best way to insure your slot is to get that pesky tour deposit in and get your kit order squared away and share your travel and hotel plans.

Va Card 35s
1.Bob Carswell ,Greg Robinette
2.Burt Hale,Ed Gafney,Dave Eisenberg
3.Larry Sweger,Mike Szymanski
4.John Via ,Rick McBride
5.Roger "Tree" Tremont,Darden Couch
6.Jamie Wiles
7.Steve Yeager ,Jamie Forbes 
8.Keith McLean 9.Skip Yeager,Keith Cassidy 10.Howard Graham ,Matt Robinette 11.Prince Hill 12.Nick Bell 13.Brian Fischer ,Tri Ligon 14.Malakai Delai 15.Jason Raven 16.Al Lucas Team Manager:Bill Gardner Coach:Al Caravelli
The redball by your name means ya paid your share of the tourney fee $20
Possible Va.Card 50's:

1.Bob Carswell,Mike Ireland
2.Tom West,Alun Prytherch,John Carr
3.Daniel Higgans,Walter Reinhardt
4.Simon Whysall,Ron Astridge,Lance Vandecastle
5.Paul Meyers,Kent "Lumpy" Jeffries
6.Steve Burgess,Phil Mitchell 
7.Cary Kennedy
8.Michael "Cajun" Bermes,Bob Hames
9.Lex MaccubbinCAPTAIN
10.Ivan Morton,Courtney Hoopes
11.Kempton Ric,Dennis Ellmer
12 Mike Herron
13.James Painter,Tom Sourlis 
14.Dave Hamberg,Gene Adams
15.Tom "Otis" Oxenham,Terry Lee

The Prop Forward's Lament

Son, in this world there are scrums. And in those scrums you need forwards. As a forward I have more responsibilty than you can ever fathom. You use words like "drunk" and "out of shape"; those words are the very backbone of a life I spent drinking and partying, and you use them as a punchline.

You weep for your wings and centers, and curse the forward. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of knowing that the front row, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, wins these games we play. Truth? You can't handle the truth! Because deep down in places you don't talk about, in your selection meetings, you want me in that scrum; you need me in that scrum.

I have neither the time nor inclination to explain myself to a back who scores on the very blanket of ball retention that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you bought me a beer and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you crawl into that scrum and get dirty.

Tree Tremont in training at 15K with his babe

Bill Gardner and Cary Kennedy are setting up Virginia Cardinals tourney headquarters at the Mountain Chalet just across the street from Wagner Park,tournament venue. Get your reservation at the Mountain Chalet by calling 800-321-7813, good rate for pricey Aspen,only $110 per night,has pool and hot juccuzi,free breakfast. More about Aspen lodging click here.

Our Manager for the 35s,Bill Gardner, hobnobs with Ali
---more about Bill at the Cayman 7's click here.

Post FTL 2005 pictures:

Nick with mom,Will and Mala


Brian,Brian's Babe,Chris,VG



Mala with his fans

Emails from our mates:

From: "Dave Eisenberg" View Contact Details To: "Cary Kennedy" Subject: Re: Aspen Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 14:00:32 -0400 Cary, Here is my flight info: Arrive on United 251 at 7:20PM thursday Anyone in need of a ride can meet me at the airport.
From John Via:

35 bracket:

Cardinals first match is at 10AM at Rio Grande Park (lower field) vs. Boulder

Second match (winners bracket) at 4PM at Wagner Park (main field) vs. winner of KC Blues and (Huns Silverbacks and Wayne Dush from Michigan). Huns and Wayne Dush play a 9AM play-in match and winner plays KC at 11AM at Wagner.

Championship match is Sunday at 2:20PM at Wagner. These is also now a 3rd/4th place consolation match on Sunday 11:50 AM.

Other side of the bracket: Chicago Griffins play Colorado old Pokes at 9AM - winner faces Denver Barbarians at noon.

Old Blue (NY) plays Fresno at 10AM - winner faces Aspen at noon.

Winner of these two sets play at Wagner at 5PM, and winner advances to Sunday championship. Chicago, Denver, Old Blue or Aspen.


35+ Division,

Here are the long awaited 35+ brackets. An 11-team tournament is not easy from an organizers perspective but I feel this knock out format is the most straight forward. My goal was to do away with all byes but this is not possible with an odd number of teams.

In this format all team are scheduled for 3 matches and one lucky team gets four. Four teams will play 2 matches on Friday and 1 match on Sunday. We are re-introducing the consolation match on Sunday.

Due to the change in format from the expected pool play, the match roster is being expanded to 40 players. Since some teams are only playing 2 matches instead of 3 on Friday, it limits the amount of playing time available for each player.

Player check-in now only applies until you lose your first match. Check-in begins 45 minutes prior to the match at the match location and ends 5 minutes prior to the scheduled match start time.

Your players still must be disclosed on your team roster and all players must sign a waiver and provide proof of age.

For players to be eligible for the semi-final, consolation and final, they must have checked-in for your team in one of your preliminary round matches (first or second round).

See the attached player eligibility rules.

Please e-mail any questions.

See you in Aspen.


Mike Puopolo:


Attached is the schedule for the 45+ and 50+ teams in the tournament.

The rundown is as follows:

For the 45s:

Our bracket includes Boulder and Missouri Black and Blues (the team that beat us two years ago)

We play Boulder at 9AM on Thursday morning at Rio Grande Park (where we will practice on Wednesday afternoon at 5PM)

We play Missouri at 11AM at Wagner Park later that morning.

If we win both, we will play our third match at 4:55PM at Wagner against the second seeded team in the other bracket.

If we won one and lost one, we would play the top seed from the other bracket at 4:00PM at Wagner.

The other bracket includes Aspen, Balls Out, Colorado, Denver

For the 50+ side, both matches will be three twenty-minute periods and will be played at Wagner Park.

First match is at 11:55 against Colorado.

Second match is at 2:50 against Florida.

For other news, Chip and Alice Fenn will be with us. Chip still can't play but will be with us. In addition to the room that Chip and Alice will be occupying, we still have one room reserved at the Snowflake that is available. We (John Carr) plans to release the room on Monday if no one wants or needs it. If you want the room, please contact the snowflake inn at 1 800 247 2069 and contact john carr to let him know. His email is

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hello Burt,

Thanks for the status report. As of late July the 35 division looks like this:

KC Blues Brothers
Gentlemen of Aspen
Virginia Cardinals
Denver Barbarians
Huns Silverbacks
Wayne Dush
Old Blue, NY
Chicago Griffins
Colorado Senior Olde Boys

See ya soon, Cary

--- Burt Hale wrote:

Cary, Burt Hale here. How goes it? Just a quick note to catch up a little and see how you are doing. Have you gotten an idea of who will be in Aspen this Sept? I hear up here that Old Blue is going, looking pretty stacked. Bill Russell, Dan Kennedy and Brian Gerahaty in the backs. Lambo playing Scrum Half, Glen Gawronski at #8, along with a host of good sized forwards.

Went to Saranac last weekend, saw Tonk on Sat night, had a chat for a little while. Played all 3 days up there. Fri with Albany O-40, then Sat and Sun with Schnectady. Had a few OMBAC guys in for that, was alot of fun. Lost on Sun morn in Semi's to a large bunch from Michigan ( East Side Hyenas ) Have been training in New Haven @ 15's now for a month, feel really good. Will have 4 more weeks under my belt before Aspen. Good game time, should feel real good upon arrival.

Hope the rest of your summer is good.

Cheers, Burt

Hello Otis,

We expect to have a practice session in Aspen wednesday evening before happy hour so I would encourage you to book an early am launch out of Richmond so you can get into Denver midday early afternoon for rental car or final air leg into Aspen Sept 14th.

Lumpy--chime in on space in your rental car for Otis?

John-do you still have an extra rack in your room? Otis is a paying customer,light snore, reasonably neat,doesn't like to snuggle?

cheers, Cary

Dear Chris Andres,

Delighted that you can join your old mates in Aspen!

As you may know, you are responsible for arranging your own travel and hotel arrangements and acquiring your own navy blue shorts and socks.

Jersey requirements and other pesky money matters are published here:

Please advise on chest size and number of choice.

If ya have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Expect to have a great time in Aspen. Train well,train smart,no training injuries, no golf injuries please!

7's training every tuesday and thursday at Crestview Elementary 7pm---bring out Doug Clark for some touch. I expect to be there on thurs July 14th for a run.

rugby always, Cary Kennedy Virginia Cardinal Rugby Aspen Tour Organizer 2005

--- "Christopher D. Andres" wrote:


I must have injured Matt's hip when I threw him off of the 9th tee box after the fourth round of my Member-Guest Golf Tournament. My apologies.

I am planning on Aspen and have started training. Cary, please advise on what I need to do. Can you send me any details that you may have?


Chris Andres

Hello Matt,

Speedy recovery on the hip and delighted that your old mate Chris Andres can join the side.

If ya need any kit,advise soon.

Best regards, Cary

--- wrote:

Still planning on going- seeing an ortho next week about a hip problem- Andres is in so make sure he confirms- I flew to richmond to golf with him in exchange for him going

Matt Whalen

Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 09:35:21 -0700 (PDT) From: "Cary Kennedy" View Contact Details Subject: RE: Aspen over 50's/Virginia Cardinals To: "Courtney Hoopes"

Delighted,Hoopes that you are in! I expect to arrive Denver wed Sept 14th via US Air 10am; I can wait a couple of hours for you in Denver if necessary before we trek to Denver in my rental sedan. Have one space left in my rental for you. Depart Denver to east coast on monday Sept 19th @ 1pm; expect to leave Aspen that am kinda early. Advise

Also, need your chest size for kit. More about kit and pesky money matters are published here:

cheers, Cary

--- Courtney Hoopes wrote:

Cary I'm in - tell me about the Denver to Aspen trip by car/van - What time will you be leaving Denver to Aspen on Wednesday 9/14 and what time will you be in Denver on 9/19 to get your return flight? I will be coming through NY for my flights as part of another trip and need to know the times to arrange my schedule. Regards, Courtney

Dear Ivan,

No problem---lets meet at the Budget Car rental desk in Denver 12 noon---I will be waiting.

when the date nears ,confirm your flt # and arrival so we can keep track.

cheers, CK

--- ivan morton wrote:

Cary, I dont get into Denver till 12noon on Wed. Will you still be around? I would be up for riding with you. On Jun 28, 2005, at 3:11 PM, Cary Kennedy wrote:

Good day Legends,

I will arrive in Denver on wed Sept 14th 9:55am and depart Denver on monday Sept 19th at 1:19pm. Have reserved and paid for full size sedan for jaunt to Aspen and back.

I think Rick Thick is onboard the sedan? Does this time work for you ,Thick?

Saving a space for Roussou.

Have room for one more!

RSVP if ya want a lift on this sedan.


--- wrote:

Lumpy, your departure from Aspen on monday will probably be about 5am. I know you are from the country, but that kinda early isn't it?

Hey, Cary, Alun Prytherch - Welsh hooker 49 na 3/4 years old - is interested in going to play for the over 50s if you need another - his e mail is hidden

-----Original Message----- From: Jeffries, Kent [] Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 2:31 PM To: Cary Kennedy; Ivan Morton; Ivan Morton; Mark Vasbinder;; Paul Meyers; Rick McBride (; Rick Thick Mcbride; Simon Whysall Subject: Aspen Travel Arrangements

I have booked flights for the Aspen trip. Scheduled to arrive in Denver around 11:45am Wednesday morning and depart at 10:30am on Monday morning. How many folks are looking to arrange ground transportation from Denver to Aspen? I've already done some preliminary pricing of minivans and luxury cars........Lumpy

Good day Bob,

Delighted that you can join the 50's! and pleased as to your availability for the 45's. I have copied Mike Puopolo,who can speak to your role with the 45s.

Advise on kit order and pesky tour deposit,at your convenience---deadline for kit order is July 10th.

Cheers, Cary

--- Bob Carswell wrote:

I am in. Also willing to play 45's and in condition to play full games if need be. working on the travel schedule. What is Mike P's address again so I can let him know also. Hope it's not too late. Rick is in too.

From Joe Somerville:

Friends, Family & Dennis O'Connor:

Today I successfully complete the "mostly" sober half of my vacation. Starting today in a few hours sobriety will no longer be an option.

Those of you not in the loop, I'm following "The British and Irish Lions" as they take on the Mighty New Zealand All Blacks in rugby's ultimate touring competition. The Lions have assembled an All Star team of the best that England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales have to offer and they are throwing them in against the greatest rugby nation of them all and I'm here to witness the first and second matches of the best 2 out of 3 series.

Today is when the majority of the Lions supporters are to hit town (which is why I'm getting this message out before I voluntarily lose my sobriety). There is an estimate that as many as 30,000 fans will hit Christchurch in the next 24 hours. Since I believe the population of Los Angeles is bigger than the entire population of the country New Zealand, it should make for an interesting spectacle.

I went on the Lions tour to Australia 4 years ago and it seemed like Melbourne was completely over run by Lions fans (all dressed in red and ready to party) but Sydney held its own. I don't think Christchurch is nearly the size of Melbourne so this should be interesting.

I don't have any great adventures to report. New Zealand food is similar to English food, only better (more meat, better meat, not as bland) and they also have the Asian/Indian stuff, cheap and of course with more meat than you'd get in Asia (Kiwis are carnivores, like me!!!) New Zealand chicks are kind of similar to rural Pennsylvania chicks, big shoulders not very feminine (sp) and even the cute ones are pretty rough around the edges (of course coming from Los Angeles few places will be able to compete). One thing most of them are is nice and loquacious (sp) they aren't shy. More chicks you want at the bar with you drinking; "one of the fellas" types.

I've already gotten a taste of the English fans, stuffy, average age of 55; walking around with thier hands behind their backs, generally disapproving of whatever they see. The Scots and Welsh tend to blend into the background with the younger England fans (glazed smiles, just happy to be here)...

...and then there's the Irish...

...average age 25, in love with every person they come into contact with and not necessarily drunk (yet). They really are the best people those European Islands have produced. I've already had some great informative, intelligent rugby conversations with the English and got great advice of where to party from the Irish.

Yesterday I went to a rugby match that featured Andrew Mertens (the Joe Montana of Christchurch, which make Dan Carter - Steve Young) in his final game before moving off to the UK. It was great (they won easily) and sad at the same time.

Its very strange that all my rugby heroes are actually younger than I am (Lomu, Kronfeld, Mertens, Greg Somerville, Cullen, Umaga, etc.) At the end of the match Mertens took a quick jog around the field waving at the fans and at the end of the jog faked as though he pulled a hammie; so even on his last day he was "the joker".

The beer at the stadium sucked (DB Draught) but they had the best meat pies I've ever tasted (they actually had meat in them which beats Hong Kong and Warrington, England already). I haven't discovered anything about the beer here worth dancing over, I forget the brand (starts with an M) but they have one beer that comes in several styles including Black (near Guinness but better) and a Lemon/Lime version that tastes like Sprite. I've mainly tried a local beer first and then finished with a Stienlager (its Kiwi too, but tastes like home).

Belmont people copied, I flew to Auckland with Lee P. and his wife and child...never really spoke with him before but he's a really really nice kid (he promises to bring back a flyhalf next year - ha ha). Its pretty cold here, which is a shame since I won't be able to show off my cool and shit Green Lions Training Jersey at night. I've already been the envy of all because you can't find them anywhere in Christchurch (and trust me these people are selling at least 6 different kinds of Lions jerseys alone - merchandizing for this tour is crazy out of control)...I've got Keith Wood's name and number on the back - which has already earned a few free beers from Irish fans (12 more and it will have paid for itself - ha ha).

One minor adventure was that myself and another American (a basketball player, playing pro in NZ) wandered into Sophie's a local restaurant chain and the owner was there and had us "brothas" take pictures with her for her wall (caption, "Sophie likes her men...All Black")- so I may be right up there with my All Black heroes soon (ha ha)...Sophie's' serves a steak with bacon and eggs on top of it - good good stuff. She's a youngish, plump Maori chick who is half entrepreneur (sp) half stand up comedienne and all her ads and signs are filled with sex jokes and general silliness - not too P.C. sort of like me.

Okay well that's it for now, I'm rooting for the All Blacks to stomp the Lions!!!

On Saturday I will be living one of my dreams when I get to see the New Zealand All Blacks do the Haka on their home soil!!!

Maybe then, I'll finally be over this silly rugby stuff (well maybe after Summer Sevens - ha ha)

Life is good, people, Life is good!!!

Cary, just booked my flight and am working on lodging, arriving 9/15 at 8a.m. in Denver.
Tour deposit to lock in my spot coming soon, so long as you
remove my name from the #4 or #5 positions,
you need a big stud like Nick Bell in that spot.

See you in CO.

Jamie Wiles, ABR The Wiles Group NVAR Top Producer Mobile 703.868.1571 Office 703.716.2900 x11 Fax 703.935.4098 wrote:

Cary, have booked flight to arrive in Denver mid-day on Wednesday Sept 14th and flying out of Denver on Monday the 19th. Plan to share room in Aspen with Mark Vasbinder. Will send entry fee soon. Look forward to playing with you. Regards,Ivan

--- Lex Maccubbin wrote:


Terry Lee and I will be staying at the Limelite.

I have contacted John Phinney, former Buffalo Rugby player now in retired in FL. He is ~55-56 a good center (6'2" 200lbs) that is always in great shape. His over5 0s basketball team won the AAU national championship a few years ago. I think that former NDBA player Randy Smith was on the team. John's wife says he is very interested. He would be a great addition to the over 50s. I will keep you posted.


Subject: RE: Aspen /Virginia Cardinals Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 19:04:02 -0700

From: "Nick Bell (RETAIL)"

I'm in.

"Robert C. Farley" wrote:

Cary, I'm still planning on going.


Robert C. Farley Law Office of Robert C. Farley 1050 17th Street, NW Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20036 Office: 202.776.0655 Mobile: 202.329.5227 Fax: 202.318.4617

Greetings Cardinals,

It's May 2nd,less than 5 months from our fine extended rugby weekend at the fabulous Aspen Ruggerfest.

Bill Gardner,Roger "Tree" Tremont,Skip "Skippo" Yeager,Paul Sheehy among others have accomplished some remarkable recruiting chores.

Our roster status is hopeful,full of promise,downright impressive on paper. It's time for all of us to take a hard look at our genuine committment to the Cardinals Sept 15-18. Our "invited/interested" roster is hovering in the mid forties with alternates clamering to jump onboard. Everyone of our players is talented and capable of making startling contributions on the field of play. We need to know,however, that our "committed" roster will be closed in the high 20's to low 30's with the proper balance and depth at each position in fairness to all our tourists that deserve their play time. We anticipate that we will be closing the actual traveling roster sometime in June due to the heavy interest so far. After June about the only add-on will be Zinzan Brooks or a player with equivalent status.

Yes,it's early but I encourage you to take action with your pesky tour deposit,hotel,and kit order to guarantee your slot on the traveling roster. Your tour deposit is refundable thru Aug--take action even if your status is 85% or better.

more about those bothersome chores are published here:

Cary Kennedy
Virginia Cardinals Rugby
Aspen Tour Organizer 2005
757 566 4727


Sorry about getting back to you late. My chest size is 42, and preferred number is 7.



Robert C. Farley
Law Office of Robert C. Farley
1050 17th Street, NW
Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Office: 202.776.0655
Mobile: 202.329.5227
Fax: 202.318.4617

I have committed myself for another Aspen Ruggerfest. Arduous traing begins in June. Anybody wanting to come out early to "adjust" to elevation can e-mail or call me. I will be doing stuff (Hiking, Biking, Drinking) at 9700 in Breckinridge several .weeks/days prior w/ Beckmann, Becker, Soukup, Sweger, Forbes and chicks so far.... Will Thorton, maybe we could catch the "ballet" out here if you arrive early....

your in rugby -tree-

more from TREE--

Larry and Jaimie are coming out already along with the Milwaukee boys. Maybe we have enough interest, we could get a raft trip together during the week. I also sent my pesky tour deposit in and will be ordering several Under Armour shirts (by request) for some of the girls I coach that were hangin in Lauderdale with us. We're getting a Colorado fan base started for Aspen....

Roger C. Tremont
Chief,Space Leasing Branch
USDI Bureau of Land Management
Denver Federal Ctr, Bldg 50
PO Box 25047
Denver, CO 80225-0047
(303)-236-9470 FAX

Dear Conny,

Delighted that you may be able to make the tour!

In answer to your questions,the leg into Aspen from Denver is always high. You do not need a rental car once in Aspen, so your overall cost balances out.

I expect to travel with my wife and son in Sept. So we will rent a car out of Denver. Definite savings if you can combine on a rental car out of Denver. I am confident we can get you and 2 or 3 other guys to combine on a rental out of Denver on that wednesday Sept 14th---great 3-4 hr senic drive to Aspen. Recommend that you arrive in Denver around noon or early afternoon to enjoy the daylight and Rockies. Plus, the 50's will have a brutal training session late wednesday afternoon to prepare for our match/es on thursday Sept 15.

You can find reasonable accomadation in Aspen in Sept;its off season. I recommend the Mt.Chalet just across the street from Wagner Park, the hollowed ground for the legendary Aspen Ruggerfest. Basic rooms with double bed at $110 per night. So ya bunk with another mate; your cost around $55 per night. Phone number for Mt.Chalet is published at our tour website:

Conny, we sincerely hope ya can find a way to make this trip. There is always plenty of work and career on another weekend! The Ruggerfest is only once a year.

We can chat more about Aspen in Charlottesville May 21st.

I have copied this email to a few other guys that might be prepared to combine on accomadation and rental cars.

Cheers, Cary

--- "Roussos, Conny" wrote:


I am honored that you would invite me. I looked at the proposed roster for over 50s on the website and it looks impressive. Unfortunately, I am teaching during that time. I could possibly break away for the tournament.

I noticed that airfare to Denver is only $206 compared to about $480 to Aspen. Car rental is around $200. What is everyone doing about accommodations? As I understand it they are fairly expensive in Aspen.


From: "Cary Kennedy" Subject: Re: Aspen Sept 05 To: "Burt Hale"

Delighted Burt, will advise on receipt.

cheers, Cary

--- Burt Hale wrote:


Burt Hale here. I have forwarded the Tour deposit to you this weekend, I have reservations at the Mt.Chalet for myself and Sue.


Dear Rob,

Delighted and honored that you may be able to make the tour. You can expect to have a great extended rugby weekend.

We are putting together a kit order for those that need jersies. What is your chest size and number of choice?

We will seek stronger committments and pesky tour/kit deposits starting in June.

Yours in rugby,
Virginia Cardinal Rugby

--- "Robert C. Farley" wrote:
Hi Cary,

I am interested in going. Paul Sheehy has talked to me about it, and it sounds like a great time. In all my years of rugby, I've never been to Aspen, so I'm looking forward to it.


Robert C. Farley
Law Office of Robert C. Farley
1050 17th Street, NW
Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Office: 202.776.0655
Mobile: 202.329.5227
Fax: 202.318.4617

From: "Brian Vizard" To: "'Cary Kennedy'" Subject: RE: Aspen Ruggerfest 35 division Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:24:31 -0700

Got it.

-----Original Message----- From: Cary Kennedy [] Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 10:14 AM To: Don James; Gary Hein; Brian Vizzard Subject: Aspen Ruggerfest 35 division

Hello Don,

Glad we could talk on the phone today and delighted and honored that you and Gary still have strong interest in joining our side for a great extended weekend of rugby and fine times.

I encourage you,Gary,and Viz to visit our tour site to see who your roster mates are and other pesky details relevant to our tour.

Rugby always,
Cary Kennedy

April 5th

Cary, I will be in Aspen.

Al Caravelli

april 1,2005 from John Via:

You can move me to the confirmed/committed (should be anyway) list. Ticket/hotel reservations are completed. Arriving Thursday 9/15 at noon in Aspen. Flying out Monday 7AM from Aspen on United. Staying at the St. Moritz (my normal spot). I'll bring you checks for the roster reservation and Gentlemen's jersey when I come to Va. for the Commonwealth Cup. Just need to know the amounts.

Cheers, John

Poste March 31,2005

Good day Cardinals,

You are getting this email because you were invited and have expressed interest either through Bill Gardner,Cary Kennedy, or indirectly through some of our mates that you wish to join our 35 side to Aspen in Sept. We are delighted in your interest and hope all of you can convert that interest to solid committments as our fixture draws closer. If we are wrong about your status for Aspen as an "interested" player, please let us know immediately so we do not continue to pester you with emails. Our roster, six months out ,is full of promise,talent,experience,and a rich history of rugby honors. Special and epic are the operative words.

It's time to start looking at our work schedule and family committments that will allow all of us to participate in this fine extended rugby weekend. We expect to have more details about our fixture as the weeks continue to click over. As of today we have you posted on our "invited/interested" roster at:

We look forward to staying in touch with all of you. Bill Gardner and I stand ready to make this tour work for everybody and we share your high hopes for much success in Aspen.

Best regards,
Cary Kennedy
Virginia Cardinal Rugby
Aspen Tour Organizer 2005