Greetings! We return to Aspen Sept 14-17,2006 with our 35 and 45 side and the 50 side under the "Virginia Gent Banner" for the finest domestic rugby tournament in the country. Start making the plans with family,job,fitness,money that will allow you to participate. Good rugby is rare and fleeting;there is no substitude.

Your contact for the 35s is Bill Gardner and Cary Kennedy

Your contact for the 45s is Captain/Team Manager Mike Puopolo.

Your contact for the 50s is Cary Kennedy Click HERE for more about the 50s

Chris Porter lunges ahead Aspen lock Bo Buck in defense
courtesy David Stephenson,,NUMINAPHOTO.COM


Deadline for Jersey Purchase is early Aug. Your jersey must be prepaid to guarantee delivery! 35s must have P3 Red and Blue/50s must have all scarlet Dri Release

Send me that pesky $20 to guarantee your slot.

45s and 50s convene at Rio Grande Park at 5pm on wednesday Sept 13 for run around. Same for 35s on thursday Sept 14th 5pm

You must have a copy of official document (driver's license) with portrait attesting to you Date of Birth. 35s and 50s Give to Cary, 45s give to Mike P., asap once in Aspen. Your playtime will be affected if this is task is not performed. You must be listed on the roster and waiver signed and turned in.

Roster of 35s that have been invited and have expressed interest as of July 2006:

=committed,money is tendered,travel and airfare in place
Record of Deposits and Kit order--scroll to bottom of page

1.Dave Hatwell,Greg Robinette
2.Tony Brooks,Ed Gafney,Joe Somerville
3.Jason Wood ,Tim Trivett,Mike Szymanski 
4.John Via,Darden Couch,Rodger "Tree" Tremont
5.Eric Brand,Harry Johnson
6.Steve Yeager,Steve Flynn,Larry Sweger,Andy Mattocks
7.Matt Whelan,Jason Figley,Josh Kronfeld
8.Keith Mclean ,Jamie Wiles 
9.Skip Yeager,Matt Robinette,Keith Cassidy
10.Howard Graham ,Rob Christian 
11.David Dean 
12.Craig "Wellsie" Wells ,Chris Porter
13.Nick Bell,Brian Fischer,Al Lucas,Allen Andrews
14.Malakai DelaiRory Lewis
15.Jason Raven
Team Manager:Bill Gardner

Bill and Cary are standing by to help make this tour work for everyone. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Bill Gardner

Cary Kennedy 757 566 4727 or cell 757 532 1356

Bill Gardner and Cary Kennedy are setting up Virginia Cardinals tourney headquarters at the Mountain Chalet just across the street from Wagner Park,tournament venue. Get your reservation at the Mountain Chalet by calling 800-321-7813, good rate for pricey Aspen,only $120 per night,has pool and hot juccuzi,free breakfast. St.Moritz is another good choice for lodging 800 817 2069, More about Aspen lodging at

Current airfare rates from the east coast are still under $300 at as of July 2006. Committ early and save dollars.

In order to guarantee your slot on the roster and to demonstrate your earnest desire to support the Virginia Cardinals Sept 15-17, you must prepay your portion of the tourney fee ($20) and share your confirmed travel and hotel arrangements. We will continue to invite players if this pesky task is not completed and could impact on your playtime. Please send those dollars instantly online via,your payment email is or send that lovely check to my home payable "Cary Kennedy" or to Mr."CASH,"9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia 23168. If you need a jersey, add $50. Scroll to the bottom of this page to confirm your deposit and kit order.

You know that you're going so let's get this annoying task done early,thank you! HOME

Record of deposits and kit order

Bell,Nick $20
Bogan,Bob $80--------------Dri-release VG RED,chest 42,#13
Burgess,Steve $80----------DRi-relaease VG RED,chest,44,#7
Carter,Chris $80-----------Dri-release VG RED,chest 44,#12
Christian,Rob $20
Couch,Darden $20
Coffield,Scott $80---------Dri-release VG RED,chest 44,#12
Dankanich,Tim $80----------Dri-release VG RED,chest44,#3
Dorsey,Phil $100-----------Dri-relaease VG RED,chest 50,#8
Forbes,Jamie $35-----------UA,XL
Figley,Jason $70-----------P3 chest46,#7
Fischer,Brian $20
Flynn,Ken $70--------------P3 chest 44,#15
Flynn,Steve $70------------P3 chest 46,#6
Fyke,Steve $80-------------Dri-release VG RED,chest46,#13
Gafney,Ed $20
Greenough,Rob $125---------Dri-release VG RED & P3,chest48,#3
Herron,Mike $60------------Dri-release VG RED,chest 42,#13
Howie $80------------------Dri-Release VG RED,chest44,#2
Johnson,George $50---------P3,chest 46,#12
Johnson,Harry $70----------P3,chest 44,#5
Lewis,Rory $125------------P3,chest 44,#14,UA TEE 
Lucas,Al $55
MacCubbin,Lex $80----------Dri-Release,VG,RED,chest 42,#9
McWhorter,Steve $80--------Dri-Release,VG,RED,chest 44,#9
Nash,Bev $80---------------Dri-Release,VG,RED,chest 46,#8
Ostermann,Carl $80---------Dri-Release,VG,RED,chest 46,#2
Oxenham,Otis $80-----------Dri-Release VG RED,chest42,#11
Porter,Chris $20
Reinhardt,Walter $80-------Dri-Release VG RED,chest 48,#3
Robinette,Greg $20
Robinette,Matt $20
Smyth,Sam $80---------------Dri-Release VG RED,chest 44,#15
Somerville,Joe $20
Sourlis,Tim $80
Swedo,Kevin $80-------------Dri-Release VG RED,chest50,#5
Sweger,Larry $20
Szymanski,Mike $20
Trivette,Tim $70------------P3,chest 50,#3
Treemont,Rodger $90
Via,John $20
Watts,John $30
Wells,Craig-----------------P3,chest 42,#12
Whalen,Matt $70-------------P3,chest 46,#19
Whysall,Simon $80-----------Dri-Release VG RED,chest 46,#4
Wiles,Jamie $20
Wilson,Billy $70------------P3,chest 50,#2
Wood,Jason------------------P3,chest 48,#3


I am also looking for a bed. I arrive on Thursday night and leave sunday night. In Ft Lauderdale I stayed with Lance and Terry for one night and Mike Wright and Chico for 2 nights, so my standards are pretty low!!

Rob Christian


Just booked up. I arrive in Denver Wednesday 10.23 on DL1065 So I have flights, hotel, new boots. I am good to go!

Cheers Sam

PS I still may have a spare bed. Sam Smyth V P Sales BCF Designs Inc T 757-483-3411 F 757-483-3115

July 9th


Your beg off was too brief.

What's holding you back other than job,family,and all our responsibilities as functioning adults?

Kind regards, Cary

--- Jerry Gilfoyle wrote:

sorry. i'm out. i'm hoping for next year.


posted June 29th

Bill Gardner,

Status is good to go. I've sorted it with work. Really looking forward to winning it this year! Will look at the flights as we are going to stay on after the tournament to make a holiday of it. Too far for just a long weekend!

Hows the team looking?

Talk soon

Best regards

Howard Graham

From Nick Bell June 22nd

Talked to Matt (Whalen), he's running 4-5 miles, 4 times a week and swimming. I suspect our team is going to be ready to win it this year. I'm playing 7s this summer with Golden Gate so I'll be ready as well

Cary....This is Steve Fyke and I found out why my rate was more expensive than others at the Mountain Chalet. I am supposed to have a (sigh) HUGE room with 1 king size bed and 2 twin beds along with all the amenities!!! YEP, I get all this room (beds and all) for my Girlfriend and myself. Soooooooo.....If any one that has a smaller room but needs more room OR someone that wants to fit 4 (or more) in a room and save bucks AND be right next to the field let me know. Room rates are 90 bucks weds night and 150 for the rest of the weekend. Divided amonst a few lads and it would be quite cheap. (I would want to trade for something CLOSE to the field also). (Cary, if you could forward this on to the rest of the lads I would appreciate it.


thanks Chris,

And glad that you can make it to Aspen. We expect to have another talented and exciting side for Aspen. Send me $20 to cover your share of the tourney entry fee.

Do you need a jersey?

9405 Barnes Road Toano,Virginia 23168

Best regards, Cary

--- Chris Porter wrote:

Just letting you know again that I'm in and will have a ticket early this year. Have already talked to Keith about lodging.




LOCATION: 334 WEST HYMAN AVE. 800-817-2069



From: "Cary Kennedy" Subject: Re: What's up With Aspen? To: "Allen Andrews" CC: "Bill Gardner"

Hey Allen,

Glad to hear from you and delighted that you can join us again in Aspen and ,thank you,for the recruiting effort with Craig Wells. Please encourage Craig to contact us directly with his interest so we can keep him in the loop.

Fine regards, Cary

--- Allen Andrews wrote:

Hello Cary and Bill, How are you guys? Hope all is well. Was just wondering what the deal is with Aspen this year? I am in! I also have another guy who you may be interested in? His name is Craig Wells. He currently plays for Belmont Shore here in Long Beach. He is from Australia. He was a member of the Wallaby 91' World Cup Squad.( Actually was one of the last three players to get cut), Played for the New South Wales Warathas, The ACT Brumbies. has also played professional in Canada and Holland. He can cover flyhalf, in-side center and outside center. Very good player. Ask Raven what he thinks?, He'll tell you how good this guy is. Definately would not want to leave him out. I think having him with that same back line that we had this past year, It might be that missing link that we were short on? Very good player and a good guy as well. Anyway, I am in so please keep me in the loop as things progress?

Thanks Allen Andrews

Matt and I will be staying at the Prospector (The condos at the main field) Anyone who is interested in staying there can contact me. We will be arriving in Denver on the 12th and returning on the 18th.

-- Thanks for your time and attention, Greg Robinette

Robinette Industries and Consulting LLC 757-407-7683



Glad to hear from you again.

Delighted that you can return with us to Aspen. You will be dearly needed on the 35s for your play and leadership. The Boys will be looking your way.

cheers, Cary

--- wrote:

i am in for aspen over 35 being my focus, the knee is almost back to full strength ,and i will be at the nell as always and flying in on wednesday night . hope u can get the old 35er some games . and enjoy the weekend cary. c u soon.

cheers the highlander

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 10:16:39 -0500 From: View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert To:

Mailed my $20 check have been purchased. See you soon for Commonwealth Cup.

J. Via AIR - Wednesday, September 13 United Airlines Flight 205 DFW to Denver 10:40AM - 11:40 AM United Airlines Flight 7097 Denver to Aspen 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


AIR - Sunday, September 17 United Airlines Flight 7097 Aspen to Denver 3PM- 3:55PM United Airlines Flight 338 Denver to DFW 6:30-9:20PM


I've booked my flights for Aspen.

Thursday, 14 Sept Arrive DEN at 10:14am on UA11212 from PHL

Monday, 18 Sept Depart DEN at 8:30am for PHL

I'll be renting a car in Denver. I'll have room for 3-4 passengers on Thursday to Aspen. My wife's flying out on Friday, so I'll have room for 2-3 passengers on Monday to Denver.


How's it going? I am interested and will really focus on trying to make it happen this year.
David Dean
Planning on it!

Jamie Wiles, ABR The Wiles Group NVAR Top Producer Mobile 703.868.1571 Office 703.716.2900 x11 Fax 703.935.4098 Search the Realtor's MLS:

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-----Original Message----- From: Cary Kennedy [] Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 9:16 PM To: Jamie Wiles Subject: Aspen

Hello Jamie,

Just checking in. Aspen is Sept 14-17:interested? We would be honored.

Best regards, Cary Virginia Cardinal Rugby

From: "Nick Bell" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Subject: RE: Aspen Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 18:40:21 -0700 To: "Cary Kennedy"

In it to win it


How is your knee feeling these days?

respectfully, Cary Kennedy

From: View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 21:44:34 EDT Subject: Re: everything rugby To:

i am good my friend. my acl Cary was not torn, and i am running already. i will be available at full strength for aspen, and hopefully before. keep in touch, and thanks for thinking of me Cary. u r a great rugby man! cheers Keith


As would I! Let me know the details. Tell your big brother Billy to call me!

I thank you again for the opportunity!

Jason 949-413-8405

From: Cary Kennedy To: Jason Raven Subject: Aspen Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 18:34:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Jason,

Just checking in. Aspen is Sept 14-17:interested? We would be honored.

Best regards, Cary Virginia Cardinal Rugby

Hello Jaime,

Glad to hear from you. I will ignore your interest in any other sides for Aspen. You are a Cardinal,we need you,and would be honored if you join us again. We need your defense,mate. best regards, Cary

--- Karen Newnam wrote:


Healed up and hope to fit in at 6, 7, 8 or 12. Let me know if you guys are interested. I plan on being in Aspen regard and have sent out a coup of feelers to other teams interested in attending this fine fixture.

Jamie Newnam Norfolk Blues

Paul Meyers,Mike Old,Mark Vasbinder in bg,James Painter fg,Hennie Vanzyl w/ball

Jamie Wiles attacks with Jamie Forbes in support,former USA Captain,Mark Williams marks in defense
courtesy David Stephenson,,NUMINAPHOTO.COM