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Original side of 1971-founder behind the ball Courtney Hoopes
Left-right standing Mark Koratash,Bill Magner,Doug Cravele,Ed McGuire,Jim Bouis,unknown,Lou Lerner,Scott Back, Jeremy Goddard
Kneeling Mike Scarse,Mike Wellford,Courtney Hoopes,unknown,Dick Hackman,Bill Smith


Homecoming was a perfect day to remember Lud and celebrate our game. We all gathered together prior to the kick off and supported Clare with a tight circle in the middle of the field. A few words were shared with arms around Clare then we filled the Lud Cup with golden pilsner and passed it around with Clare getting the first deep drink. We could now once again play the game with the same joy and committment Lud once knew.

Homecoming 2001

more pictures from homecomng 2001
Scott and Henry 71'
Cary and Scott
Gus and Whit
The Flynns
More of the Flynn Clan
Dan and Cary

Oct 15

Ed Wigley, legendary center from the late 70's, is going into hospital for hip surgery Nov 5 and expects to be laid up for awhile--he would appreciate your emails. Ed is hoping that this repair will allow him to resume rugby reffing activity

Sept 15th

It saddens me to write that Mark Ludvigsen,mighty lock forward,Class 91 remains missing after the World Trade Center collapse Sept 11. We will never forget Sept 11th and we will never forget you,Lud. How "hard" did Lud play the game?----VERY HARD.

Friends write about Lud. Plus details on wake and reunion Oct 27th to honor Lud's life. Click here.

June 5th Jay Boyd emailed me and informed me that he met up with Rob Brown and Brian Hightower in Atlanta for a Super League match Aspen Gents v Life University. The Aspen Gentlemen are presently on a tear, anihilating their opponetnts. Hightower played a little but is recovering from knee surgery, nevertheless, Brian had some ghosting runs down the touchline before retiring to the touchline.

May 5th was a rousing success at Jeff Heineman's Bistro in Bethesda, Md. Thanks to Jeff for fabulous hospitality,world class food and wine, and the best company one can ask for. Thank you Otis, Whit, Gus,Bruce, and Kathleen for making it a special night.

More pictures of the reunion
Picture 1

Reunion Dinner/Match May 5th

Tourney Champions Spring 1985

Marc Butler,forever young

News 2000

Dec 16

Thank you Wendell Taylor, former Club Pres. and powerful winger from the late 80's, for your support.

Dec 2nd

WM OLD Boys went 2 and 2 at the Christmas 7's, lead by Ian Dewey,Pete Rodgers,Greg Hildabrand and ably supported by Bob,Dan,Cary(barely),and Jonathon.Picture of PETE Rodgers

Nov 20

Jay Boyd was selected at second row to the All South team that will compete in the National ITT's in December. This is a hugh rugby acheivement for one of our mates. Jay is on a side that selects from National powerhouse Life University and many other successful clubs throughout the south. Jay will be under scrutiny by the National Selectors in Florida this Dec.

Nov 8th

"cary--How are things-Homecoming looked very sucessful. Jay Boyd and I were commiserating on missing the game due to club commitments. Maybe next year for our 10th reunion we can have a North v South clash.--cheers-Lud"

Oct 28 Homeoming

The day was perfect and the reunion match was a joy. The Alumni prevailed with grace,gile, and treachery over the eager and enthusiatic undergrads. Thank you to all the returning alumni for supporting the event whether you played or not, we do it again next year.

All the players at Homecoming


Picture of Matt and Whit

Oct 26


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