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Posted Oct 24th,2010

Hi Hans Lombardo

Glad to hear from you. Homecoming is always good. Saw a lot of former players and we had a brief but victorius alumni/B side defeat CNU in the second match that day. Picture attached. Off the top of my head,we saw Whitney Lester,Robbie Brown,Piles,Bruce Weaver,Bob Zullo,Hamilton,Nate Sandell,Christian,John McCulla,Hammer,Dan Stafford,Ben and few others now lost in the Homecoming haze. Our alumni side could be much better when you return to don the green and gold again. The top five pathedic but creative reasons I heard this weekend for alumni to NOT play in our reunion match were:

5. I lost my boots
4. I forgot my boots
3. I cannot go to work with a black eye
2. My vertigo is acting up
1. I have been breaking up with my cougar girlfriend for the last three weekends 


Brian Hightower-Dangerman

William and Mary State Collegiate Champions 1979

Jack Russell,Lee Trainer,Ken Griffith,Rob Middleton,Ed Wigley, Jim Ratkus,Brett Betky, Kevin,Ken, Ron Smith,Warren aldrich, Mich Huff,tom, Mike Lambert,Pat
William and Mary Rugby Homecoming 2009
Posted Oct 27th,2008

Homecoming was a classic fine day. Off the top of my head John McCulla 79,Lee Trainer 81, Dan Stafford 95?,Alex Stathes, Robbie Broughton, M,Marc Butler 86,Kyle Petronella,John Regina,Randy Pilkerton,Kyle McNew,Dusty Einseln,Keith Miller,John Rollings,Greg Hildebrand,Kelly Ginley,Bob Zullo,Gus Eckert,Bruce Weaver, Otis Day,Andy Newman were in attendence. Returnees spanned a 29 year era.

We (rugby alumni) had a vigorous match v Tribe B, The A side then proceeded to thrash U of R. then the alumi helped fill some slots on the B side for another thrashing of U of R to finish the day. Special thanks to Tribe Alumnus John McCulla for hosting everyone with a tailgate.

Special nod to Keith and John for coming all the way from London for 3 day Homecoming bash in Williamsburg.

Jon Hill ,our Rugby Alumni Trustee and Former Tribe Captain, has established our corporate Foundation. The framework is in place. We are eager to hear your views on how the WM Rugby Alumni can help the current edition.

Let me know if ya want Tribe Rugby Tee or Tribe Rugby Jersey.

Rugby forever,
Cary cary@richmondrugby.net

Posted Feb 2008

Tribe Alumni Ruggers attend World Cup 7s in San Diego

Posted by Joe Somerville,largest flyhalf in WM History

Friends, Family & Dennis O'Connor: I know its been a while since the last official update but nothing all that crazy has happened. I attended Mr. Dennis O'Connor's wedding in CT and had a wonderful time seeing lots of old friends from college. We don't all really keep in contact that much but there was most definitely L-U-V in the room. We are all friends for life and considering we're one year away from our 20th anniversary, there might not be much life left - ha ha. This morning, I drove over to Calabasas for a Rugby tournament. This event was seven against seven rugby instead of the regular fifteen against fifteen. Its on a full sized field and its kind of like playing full court basketball three on three, lots of break away scores and lots of tired players. I promised a team (the Oxy Tigers) that I would help them out (coaching mainly) and if they needed a player during the day, I'd do "spot duty". After all, I am old and not quite as interested in running 50 meter sprints one way just to get the ball back and then have to run 100 meters the other way to score. Well when I arrived, shock of all shocks, they needed me to actually play and our opponents happened to be OMBAC,... ... the number 4 ranked team in THE NATION... ...now quick back story, my normal club is Belmont Shore, the number 2 ranked team in the nation, but I'm an old boy and have rarely had to play in the last 3-4 years. However for some reason, my lack of play didn't effect my willingness to tell OMBAC players random factoids about their mothers, their place in the world in comparison with me and my Belmont team mates and just last week I was walking by OMBAC warming up to play against my guys with Belmont Shore and I pointed my new video camera at them and once I got their attention, instead of saying, "Say Cheese" or something to that effect; I said, "Say Second Place, OMBAC!!!" Of course they went on to lose to my team, I was of course on the sideline talking humorous trash the whole time and they indeed wound up in Second Place behind the Mighty Mighty Belmont Shore. Now in the structure of American Rugby there are 4 tiers; Super League which is Semi-Pro; and then Divisions I - III; Belmont Shore and OMBAC are Super League; Oxy is Division III. This meant that our task wasn't to beat OMBAC it was to "die with dignity" against OMBAC. They destroyed us on the scoreboard and in the second half they tried to target me a couple of times on the kick offs (think an onside kick when two guys try to take me out while the third guy tries to get the ball) luckily I got the ball away in time to defend myself each time. Like in a 3 on 3 full court basketball game, one of the keys to playing well is to always keep yourself in the right defensive position, which is a constant shuffling of the feet moving forward and back in order to keep the proper shape of the defense. This activity tires you out more than sprinting sometimes. But if you know what you're doing (which I do) and stay in proper position, the OMBAC guys are going to attack someone else and score on them not you and I'm happy to say, I was not scored on. One of the OMBAC guys gave me a nice head butt to the gut (and since I have an ample supply of gut, it didn't knock me down, I think it hurt him more than it hurt me) and I had a couple of decent collisions but when the match ended I was in one piece and there were hugs and handshakes all around. After that we had to play another Super League team, Santa Monica and a Division 1 team Tempe (from AZ). Against Tempe, I had my best game - I actually got a decent little run with the ball and I got the "Oxy Tigers Best Hit of the Day" (unofficial award, which I accepted with pride). It may be captured on videotape. If it is I'll share it with you all as soon as I figure out how to do such things - ha ha. I was definitely feeling my years out there today but I'm pretty happy that I could still get the job done (or at least fake it to everyone's satisfaction). We as a team suffered a few injuries including a broken nose and a few muscle pulls and a player from another team broke his fibula; so as always, I thank the Rugby Gods for keeping me healthy especially since I lack some of the "make you miss" quickness that has served me quite well since I first touched a rugby ball in 1985. Final note rugby note: I almost got kicked out of a game that I wasn't even a part of. Santa Monica was playing against OMBAC and I was talking trash first to OMBAC (my usual, they're soft, they don't like to be touched so knock them down, diatribe) and the ref made a bad call and one of the OMBAC guys - a former National Team Player - was sorting him out on the correct call. Well I yelled at the ref that he needs to grow a spine and not let those OMBAC guys tell him how to do his job. The ref thought I was on the Santa Monica "bench" because we were all wearing white so he gave Santa Monica a warning about shutting the hell up. I was laughing my ass off because I hate Santa Monica more than I hate OMBAC so I didn't mind getting them in trouble BUT at half time I did tell the ref 1) that I wasn't affiliated with Santa Monica and 2) he's not allowed to give a team warning for ref abuse if there is no cursing or threatening of the ref involved, my comment was related to actual play on the pitch. He laughed and said that everything I say counts as ref abuse if I say it while he's reffing... ...and since he said it with a laugh, I took it as a sign to continue correcting his mistakes in the second half - ha ha. Job-wise, we are back in production of America's favorite Game Show, and preparing for a trip to the Big Island in Hawaii. I believe we're doing shows on the 12th, 13th, 15th & 16th of September (that should be a Fri, Sat, Mon & Tues). If any of you are going to be anywhere near the Hilton Waikoloa those days, let me know and I'll hook you up with tickets and maybe even buy you a drink or two. That's it for now, by the way, I can barely walk right now... ..."what a drag it is getting old" - Rolling Stones.

Posted Feb 2008

Hello Tribe Ruggers Past and Present,

In case you didn't know this yet, my name is Drew Laskowski and I am the current President of the W&M Rugby Football Club. I have created a page on our website to collect information on rugby alums for the purpose of communication and development of a solid "old boys" base. I hope that you will consider giving us your name, email, and graduation year, in addition to whatever else you want to share. Form takes less than a minute to fill out and can be found online here:


ALL RECIPIENTS - if you know of any W&M Rugby alums - Men or Women - please forward them this email.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Drew Laskowski
President, W&M RFC

Homecoming 2006

Homecoming was accompanied by the finest weather and company one could ask for. The passed the Lud Bowl and played our match. Cannot recall who won but there was plenty of scoring and good cheer post match.

Dan Stafford drinks deep from the Lud Bowl

Cary- Thanks for the note. Unfortunately I will not be able to come down to the 'burg and join the fun. Among other things I am busy raising the next generation of ruggers...behold future back line phenom Patrick J. Noone... Regards, Don

Patrick Noone

Cary and Brian at Aspen Ruggerfest Sept 2006. VRU took three sides to the Ruggerfest competing in the 34/45/50 division.
Posted April 22nd


The monument looks great.

How is the team this year?

If you didn't know, 4 years ago I joined the Navy as a pilot. I am now back in Norfolk, flying F/A18 Hornets out of Oceana. I just got back from my first cruise. My squadron was on-board the USS Theodore Roosevelt from Sept to March. Spent 4 of those months in the Northern Arabian Gulf supporting Multi-National Forces in Iraq. Was over Baghdad on some historic days in the country's new history. Some great flying and port calls.

I am definately happy to be back. I am going to start back with the Blues in a few weeks for 7's.

Anyway, hope all is well. Hope to see you at Homecoming in the fall.


Homecoming 2005

Homecoming is always good. We passed the Lud Bowl and then proceeded to play the Lads in a fine game of rugby. The Old Boys were brilliant in the first period pounding in four unanswered trys,alas, by the second period the oxygen debt began bear down and the wheels and power glide transmission began to lock up. Nevertheless, we gave the lads a good lession in the first period and served notice that we could take this match at will if we trained! If was good to see Dan Stafford,Bruce Weaver,Alex Stathes,John Smith,Matt Lambert,Nate Sandell,Scott Madearis,and few others that I cannot recall immediately. Stay in touch.

Scott Madearis,Nate Sandell,Cary Kenned,Kyle McNew,Jeff "Soulman" Soltess--former Tribe Legends return Oct 1st,2005 to witness a match v ODU play a little B side and welcome Soulman,Former Tribe Rugby Captain,back to the USA on leave after extended military duty overseas

Posted Sept,2005 by Mike Mason

I don't know if you are aware of this, but one year in the late seventies, we were actually the Virginia Collegiate champions. I have a team pic somewhere, and if I ever figure out how to scan it in, I will along with some names. Jack Russell was club President back then, and Jim Booker was still in town and involved. Some other names during that period were:

Lex MacCubbin
Ken Griffin
Avril Schneider
John Friedery
Randy Culp
Dave O'Neill
Whit Edwards
Jim Ratkus
John Redding
Randy Duvall
Mitch Huff
Ed Wigley
Bobby  (the guy from Australia)
Two brothers who were Sigma Pi's and I can't remember their names
Sid Mitchell
Chris Ambrogie-Law School
Tim O'Conner
Many of these guys have decent jobs now and may be able to ante up some bucks for new jerseys.

I was able to play until I was 39, mostly in Oklahoma City, and had to give it up due to herniated disc. I had some of the greatest adventures and most fun times of my life playing Rugby. Not to mention making some friends I still am in touch with today.

Let me know how to get a new Jersey and Patch.

Mike Mason
W&M class of 79--I actually graduated in December 78 with my roomate
Dave "the Beast" O'Neill, but you know how the College is.

Posted Jan 4th by Carson Davis

During the season I looked at the website all the time to keep updated. I finished my seasonal firefighting job a few months ago and have been traveling around visiting my girlfriend, family, and friends ever since. Now that I'm back home I'm searching frantically for a job. If any of the old alumni have mentioned that they need a rugger, I'd appreciate if you passed it along. I'm applying with defense contractors and other assorted policy jobs, but its slow. I'm really hoping to be back in the area to catch a few games next semester.

Cheers, Carson

Dec 30,2004

Heard from former Captain Jon Hill of the late 80's. Doing great in NJ with wife and two boys.

Adrian Alleyne,steadfast hooker from the late 80s/early 90's, is back in DC and ready to reconnect. Adrian as "English Rugby International" Homecoming 1992. This WMV file is almost 6MB. Click HERE.

Email from Adrian Allegyne:Damn, how scary is that!! I had forgotten about that tape. I guess my bid for public office will have to wait :). By the way, my wife thought I looked like a terrorist in the clip. Would definitely love to catch up and have you meet my wife, Stefani. We're going to try to make it to Williamsburg this spring, so I'll keep you posted. Just heard from Andy Madigan: he had been teaching in the Middle East for some years, but he and his wife just moved back to New York.
Best, Adrian

Oct 15th,2004 Homecoming. The Lads played in Richmond today so no reunion match but saw and heard from plenty of alumni. Andy Steinberg, class 79, former Captain for the National Maccabian Team and still solid master prop was at Homecoming and hosted by steadfast friend and legendary center for WM in the late 70's, Ed Wigley. Alex Stathes,Dan Stafford,Mike Pickford showed up at the pitch anyway to share some memories. Picture below with the Lud Cup.

Alex Stathes,Cary Kennedy,Dan Stafford,Mike Pickford

Homecoming reunion matches have always been tenuous and fragile due to all the distraction of Homecoming. Cary would welcome any of our vast list of rugby alums to contact him and share some ideas for making our rugby reunion matches well attended and worth the trip. Could we move it to the spring with better results? I welcome your counsel and help. Contact Cary.

Nov 1st, 2003

Homecoming was celebrated at the IM field. We split up the players into a gold and green side since we only had Cary Kennedy,Dan Stafford,and Mike Toole as participating alumni. We filled the Lud Bowl with Amber Bock and toasted Mark Ludvigsen and Alex Reyno, our departed mates and reminded ourselves once again how lucky we are--then we played--it was good.

Debra,Cary,Dan,Jack at Homecoming 03

Homecoming is Nov 1st,Sat. We expect to assemble at the IM field midday for tailgate/Lud Rugby match and toast to the THE LUD BOWL. And opportunity to remember other fallen rugby mate, Alex. Coming? Let Cary know.Cary's home is open friday evening starting around 10pm to whenever and sat morning if you are driving down I-64, my home is quick drop in off the interstate.
Email from Mike Kirk,steadfast lock and prop in the early 80's

Nice talking to you this morning. I'll call from home next time. I have been in Chicago since January of 1990. In the fall of 1994 Ford Motor Co hired me as an hourly employee to build the Taurus/Sable. I have since moved on to management and my present position is general foreman in the material handling dept. My wife and kids are great. Courtney graduates high school this year and wants to go to Eastern Illinois U. Melissa is a freshman at Marian Catholic and my wife teaches elementary school. I was fortunate to receive my AARP card last year. I haven't been around much rugby since I played with you due to obligations and time constraints but every fall and spring I still feel rugby in the air. With my older kids now maybe I can return for some elder statesmen matches and work off some of the rust. Nice job over the years with the club. I like the organization and that some faculty participate now. We have come a long way.

My address is

Mike Kirk
5116 Arquilla Drive
Richton Park, IL 60471
God bless you, Cary. I'll talk to you soon.

--- "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind," Romans 12:2

Tim Sampson,Cary Kennedy,Jeff Heineman,Bruce Weaver,Lester Whitney,Don Noone at Lud's reception Great Hall Wren Building Sept 2003.

Ken Flynn,Cary Kennedy,Steve Flynn,Al Lucas competed at Saranac Lake Can Am ,40 and over Division,in upstate NY Aug 2003--more on that--click here
2nd Annual Mark Ludvigsen Gold/Reception Sept 13th click here

April 5th, 2003

Andy "Postman" Goldkuhle, wife Sandy, and son Max enjoy rugby match in Richmond

Hoemcoming as always and forever remains a great day. We had some 20 year mates show up, such as Steve Vogel, Dave Broadwell, and Lee (Jim Morrison) and Amy Trainer. Saw Nick Huth, Ron Webber, Bruce Weaver, Lester Whitney, Clare Ludvigsen, Dan Stafford to name a few. We couldn't seem to get enough alumni interested in playing a friendly match so we passed the "Lud Bowl" filled with sparkling wine and remembered Lud and reminded ourselves how lucky we are. Some outstanding homecoming chat at the field and then we proceeded on with our day.
Homecoming 2002
We didn't have enough interest among the alumni to form a side. I have to take some resposibility for the failure due poor promotion on my part---apologies to the few that came and were prepared to play. I would encourage all alumni ruggers interested in making our match trully successful to network with their old mates--the best way to return is with a group that you played with and a few phone calls and emails can go a long way towards getting those fence sitters on the road to Williamsburg in the fall. You can start by using our alumni rugby roster and contact Cary to make additions and corrections to that document.


Ian Dewey, talented fullback on our high performing side that made it to the State finals v Va. Tech in 96 has joined the US Navy and is undergoing training for his wings as a Naval Aviator. Ian wants to fly jets off a carrier. Thanks, Ian---and Lud thanks you too.

Your homecoming rugby match is highnoon at the IM field Oct 26th---its time to give the lads some rugby lessons.

Sept 14th

The Mark Ludvigsen Golf/Reception today was a rousing success with 64 participating in the golf and over 95 attending the reception at the Wren Building. Mark's sister, Clare, lead and organized this classy function to absolute perfection. Old fraternaty bros, WM rugby mates, wives, and plenty of just friends came to support and socialize. I know I will miss some names but we had Heinemen, Westerlund,Sampson,Day,Lester,Terry,Weaver,Stanziale,Noone,and Kennedy in attendence. Special mention to the New York Athletic Club RFC, five strong, for coming in support.

Apologies, all the pictures at the Wren building were lost because the photographer was impaired.

Tim Terry shared some interesting events in his life. Tim gave up his high flying corporate attorney career the day after Sept 11, 2001 to examine and explore other career options. He is dating Elizabeth, a producer for "CBS 60 Minutes" and took the greater part of this year listening for a "true" calling. Tim has plunged in again this month and is teaching disadvantaged high school students and reveling in the opportunity to change someone's life for the better.

Clare and Karl, Mark's Father
Tim and Whit
Jeff, Tim, and Whit Bruce

Dan Stafford, Captain, early to mid 90's, was in Williamsburg in early Oct for a professional conference, came by my home (Cary's) for dinner and some chat. Dan is now a Detective for the Airport Authority in DC and is married to the lovely attorney,Debra.
Aug 23rd

Martin Zerfas, cagey flanker 2000-01, has set up his general law practice in Wash DC and wants to hear from you , for sure, if you get arrested, divorced, need a will, business issues. Free legal advice to any ex-WM ruggers- litigation is extra.

Aug 10 2002

Kathleen and I (Cary) traveled to Philly this weekend to attend the Natl 7's Club championship. Brian Hightower was there to lead Aspen to a respectable showing with the fastest and best rugby players in the nation. Aspen defeated Old Misssion Beach on Sat which eventually won the championship on Sunday. Brian , also, let me know that he got married to Emily this year and Bruce Weaver married a medical doctor and continues to live on the outer banks of North Carolina.

Brian Hightower at National Club 7's

Brian and Cary

Video files of Brian Hightower in action-best viewed with windows media player
Clip 1
Clip 2
CLip 3

Sandy Gentiles and ZR Zola competed in the Rugby Porter Cup in Richmond , Va. April 5 and 6 as memeber of Washington Irish and Richmond United RFC, respectifly. Sandy at The Porter Cup.***This is a large video file.
May 30th

Clare Ludvigsen clarelud@mail.com has informed me that the celebration has been moved to Sept 14th rather than the 21st. and will include Captain's choice golf tournament and reception, of course. Please stay tuned for more details and contact Clare to show your interest.

May 1st

Clare Ludvigsen is organizing a "wine tasting" in Williamsburg 21 Sept to celebrate the life of his brother Mark. Clare would love to here from you.

April 27th

Joe Sumerville and Brian Hightower, backline teammates from the early 90's, reunited briefly in Long Beach at a match Aspen v Belmont Shore. Joe scored a try in the B side match with 5 "evildoers"hanging onto his back for his club Belmont Shore and Hightower scored the lone try for Aspen in a losing effort in the Super League match v Belmont Shore.

April 22, 2002

Joel Krieg and his mate, Matt, who played a few matches with us, is traveling to Ca. with his club, The Conn. Yankees , to compete in the National sweet 16 April 27/28.

Kevin Mancini is living in Manhatten and looking to hook up with a rugby club soon.

January 2002

Ed Wigley, one of the finest centers and gentlemen to have served for Tribe rugby, has declared his hip replacement surgery a magnificent success. Ed is hencsforth better known as "Old Swivel Hips."

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- Christopher Reeve,